"Taking no risks is the greatest risk of all"

New beginnings are always great for focus and drive, the start of a new financial year does that for business but indirectly triggers a personal review aswell. Those that are prepared to get out of comfort zones and take calculated risks will challenge themselves to grow to the next level.

“Taking no risks is the greatest risk of all” anonymous.

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It's hard to have a bad week in my job!

We meet many great people who allow us into their life and give us their trust so they can lean on us to direct them financially. The start to this is an open mind and the want for someone to understand and thus advise. This week I met a wonderful new client and received the following compliment yesterday.

“I also wanted to convey how positively surprised I was by our meeting of today. I was stressed about meeting a financial planner that would maybe look down on me and not taking me very seriously, as I do not have a lot of money to “invest” and I might not be the most interesting client for the kind of business that I assumed a financial planner might be.

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The value of having the right mentality - client profile Daniel Latty

I want to illustrate the impact the right mindset can have on the outcomes of an individual and a business.

For just over eight months I have had the pleasure of mentoring and working with Daniel Latty from PRD nationwide Penrith. Our intent initially was simply to have a sounding board and grow from there. My first objective was to understand what he wanted for himself both professionally and personally. Our weekly meetings initially focused on him working smarter in the business, developing daily habits required to build the steps for consistent results.

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Synergy and why we do it?

Those that know me understand the importance I have in being a dad and husband. These wants were formed through the divorce of my parents, something that had a profound impact on all involved.

Therefore one thing i wanted as a dad was to look after my children or child while they were growing up.

I made that choice when Tia was born and looked after her every friday till she started school. What a time it was, the end of my week came so quick on a thursday and the best day in week started. We had great moments, nothing got in the way of our time and its the foundation of our great friendship today. I am so proud to be Tia’s dad and of the relationship we have.

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