Are you fuelled up for success or leaking oil?

What a difference having the right people around you makes, whether personal or professional. The right mix and your firing on all cylinders, the wrong mix and you stay still, going around in circles and buy into complacency

Success and progress doesn’t occur because you wait for it to knock on your door.

“Ambition is the path to success, Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in” anonymous.

Persistance requires the fuel of optimistic and logical people around you. It’s hard to battle on your own.

There is a big gap between “can do” people and “excuse makers”.

We have recently reviewed and made appropriate changes to staff within our own business. The refreshing approach of can do people is not only fuel to us all and has brought an added buzz to our office. I thank all of our staff, in particular the newer members that have been leaders in attitude and adding to a new energy to our office.

This week I engaged with a new client from a mentoring perspective to provide that exact fuel for direction to take their business to the next level. Its not only exciting for them but also an inspiration for me to see people prepared to take the steps to achieve. We look forward to their success.

Are the right people fuelling you?


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