It's hard to have a bad week in my job!

We meet many great people who allow us into their life and give us their trust so they can lean on us to direct them financially. The start to this is an open mind and the want for someone to understand and thus advise. This week I met a wonderful new client and received the following compliment yesterday.

“I also wanted to convey how positively surprised I was by our meeting of today. I was stressed about meeting a financial planner that would maybe look down on me and not taking me very seriously, as I do not have a lot of money to “invest” and I might not be the most interesting client for the kind of business that I assumed a financial planner might be.

How wrong was I and how embrightened was my day after our encouter! I just want to tell you that people like you, your wife and your team are giving people like me a strenght and confidence I did not expected I had.

I am very much looking forward to organizing my financial future with all of you by my side” Corinne

We are privilieged to meet great clients who become valued friends, we thank you for letting us in and trusting us!


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