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Welcome to Synergy

We will simply know you better, our focus is to understand people and then build around that. Plans are useless if we don’t take in account our history and what’s shaped us. Initially we need to get to know each other and see if we fit. Then through our business or personal advice we can work towards the outcomes and freedoms you want.

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Our experience, your knowledge

Our never-ending journey is a process of constant evolution and refinement. As we continue on our life we would love to share some of the experiences that have shaped us personally and professionally. Our experience can become your knowledge and help your streamline your road way to happiness and success. The steps we take is as important as the destination.

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  • Foundation

    The key to anything is a strong foundation. This requires basics to be in place whether its business or personal. Cashflow management, being prepared for worst case, working within your strengths and weaknesses is an example. A great foundation allows for objective plans to be put in place.

  • Objective

    Its amazing how often we have targets or plans that lack real purpose back to us! Whether its deriving turnover or making an investment or having a personal goal without the right purpose or an understanding of how to achieve it.

  • Outcomes

    With a strong foundation taking into account ones weaknesses and strengths and clear objective plans its easier to get real outcomes. Any time repeated outcomes can be achieved we have greater perspective and clarity through the confidence of success. Success comes in all shapes and sizes but ultimately the freedom of doing what you want can never be measured by dollars.

  • Freedom

    Money can’t buy this but learning about yourself and planning properly can achieve it.


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